Faculty Research Management Services

What is Faculty Research  Management Services?

Faculty Research Management Services (FRMS) provides non-medical school departments and their principal investigators with the resources and expert knowledge needed to compete for, manage, and renew sponsored awards. 

Subject Matter Expertise

FRMS offers a level of support to units that previously did not have access to high-level subject matter experts. With grant management services now in place, FRMS is able to strengthen compliance with research funding and mitigate risk on behalf of these units.

Our staff combines a wide range of experience and expertise, and is committed to helping you secure awards that advance your research. By combining support services at every phase of the award process, FRMS serves as a single contact center for grant support needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Faculty Research Management Services (FRMS)provide services to Yale Medical School?

    No. FRMS serves non-medical school departments and their principal investigators. Currently the organization provides support to the departments within Faculty of Arts & Sciences (FAS), and is positioned to serve other areas in the future.

  2. How does FRMS partner with Grants and Contract Administration (GCA) and Grants and Contract Financial Administration (GCFA)?

    The FRMS team performs most of the faculty-facing grants management support that departmental resources typically perform. FRMS works with GCA and GCFA essentially in the same way that departments do now. GCA and GCFA provide institutional oversight and approval and act a source of expertise for FRMS.

  3. Does FRMS replace any existing organization?

    FRMS draws together experienced staff members who understand faculty needs and expectations from the Pre-award unit within the Chemistry department and an existing Post-award support unit. This natural evolution builds upon the success of the Chemistry Pre-award unit that has operated for several years.

  4. What benefits are gained by working with Faculty Research Management Services?

    With FRMS providing more of the faculty-facing transactional support, business offices can focus more of their administrative resources in helping their program leaders achieve their departmental goals.

    When expertise and standardized work processes are concentrated in a single contact center, there is greater opportunity for getting the work done right the first time. For Yale’s principal investigators, this translates into a higher level of service that ensures compliance and mitigates risk.

Determine if FRMS is right for your department

FRMS provides both Pre-award and Post-award support to departments and their principal investigators.  Explore our service offerings described on this site and then contact us directly to discover how our services can benefit your department

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Faculty Research Management Services

Contacts and Locations

FRMS Main Number 203-432-9122

Joanne Bentley, Director
205 Whitney Avenue-Room 101
New Haven, Connecticut 06511

Pre-Award Unit
Jacky Fields, Associate Director
205 Whitney Avenue-2nd Floor
New Haven, Connecticut 06511

Post-Award Unit
Melissa Carta, Associate Director
205 Whitney Avenue-Room 105
New Haven, Connecticut 06511